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Over the last four years, It has been my pleasure to serve as your State Democratic Executive Committeeman. I’m proud to say I’ve been in the trenches working right alongside many of you—to register Texans to vote, increase Democratic turnout and ensure that we are protecting democratic principles. 

- Robert Vargas III


As a member of the SDEC Robert has

  • Created opportunities to empower grassroots activists.

  • Hosted Town Halls to keep our community informed and educated.

  • Worked with our Bexar County Democratic Party Chairwoman to strengthen our local party.

  • Collaborated with Democrats from all across our state and right here at home in Bexar County to advance the mission and platform of the Texas Democratic Party.

  • Teamed up with precinct chairs and local leaders to increase accountability within our party.

  • Helped Elect Democrats!


Robert is endorsed by

Mike Collier.jpg

Texas Senator José Menéndez, State Representative Ray Lopez, State Representative Philip Cortez, 

State Representative Trey Martinez Fischer, State Representative Ina Minjarez, Mike Collier

Joe Gonzales.jpg
Justin 2.jpg

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar, District Attorney Joe Gonzales, 

Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector Albert Uresti, Bexar County Commissioner Justin Rodriguez, 

Constable Leticia Rodriguez Vazquez, Norma Cavazos, Harlandale ISD Board President/Trustee, SMD4

Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa.png
Jen Ramos.jpeg
Wanda (1).png

Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Himojosa, Jen Ramos SDEC Committeewoman SD 21, Robert “Bob” Comeaux, Labor Leader Wanda Longoria, Labor Leader, Frankie Gonzales-Wolfe, Adelfa Reyna

Sara Aranda, PCT 3096

Debora Bond, PCT 2080
Evan Bohl, PCT 2112
Kimberly Bohl, PCT 2095

Eva Camacho Guzman, PCT 3084 Anthony Cruz, PCT 4066

Frankie Gonzales-Wolfe, PCT 3175

Theresa Mazuca-Garcia PCT 3119

Marcia Gregory, PCT 3122

Irene Hernandez, PCT 3155
Kate Hansen, PCT 1104
Tony Infante, PCT 2005
Linda Maldonado, PCT 2084

Elizabeth Medietta, PCT 2149

Adelfa Reyna, PCT 2026

Lisa Dawn Pierce, PCT 3126
BiBi Said, PCT 4112
Sarah Salazar, PCT 4087
Carlos Soto, PCT 3206
Rene Watson, PCT 4039
Carla Zainie, PCT 4122­


July 14 - 16, 2022 Kay Bailey Hutchison
Convention Center - Dallas, TX


Join over 10,000 Democrats as we gather in Dallas, Texas to organize, network and work to turn this state as blue as the Texas sky.


About Texas Senate District 26

Zip Code Report (pdf)
Precinct Report (pdf)
Population Report

Congressional Districts:
TX-20, TX-21, TX-23, TX-28, TX-35

State House Districts:
TX-116, TX-117, TX-119, TX-120, TX-121,

TX-122, TX-123, TX-124, TX-125

Balcones Heights, Castle Hills, Converse, Kirby, Leon Valley, Live Oak, San Antonio, Windcrest.

Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 2.14.41 PM.png

The State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC) is the governing body of the Texas Democratic Party and is responsible for carrying on the activities of the party in neighborhoods across Texas. The SDEC is composed of leaders from Texas’ 31 senate districts and representatives of our people. It is Robert’s mission as an SDEC Member to build capacity within our grassroots activists, educate voters & elect Democrats.

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