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A Contact Sport

By Robert Vargas III

Democracy: A Contact Sport By Robert Vargas III.png

Running for public office will test every fiber of your being. It will make you truly aware of your inadequacies, stretch muscles you didn't even know existed and test the limits of the strongest marriages. Democracy: A Contact Sport is designed to prepare you for what to expect when choosing a life in politics and running for local office.

Chapters in the book include:

  • Ch. 1 - Step 1: Face The Reality of Who You Are

  • Ch. 2 - Take Inventory of Your Circle

  • Ch. 3 - Choose Your Race Wisely

  • Ch. 4 - Your New Full-Time, All-Consuming Goal

  • Ch. 5 - Developing Your Campaign

  • Ch. 6 - Campaign Staff

  • Ch. 7 - Role of the Party

  • Ch. 8 - Endorsements

  • Ch. 9 - Money Makes the World Go Round

  • Ch. 10 - The Covid-19 Effect

  • Robert’s Guide to Political Terms

"Robert is an expert in legislative issues, an expert in local government, and relationship building. This guy is a powerhouse in grassroots politics."

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar


"Robert Vargas III is a modern-day Robin Hood. He is always working in the interest of the greater good."

Chairwoman Monica Alcántara

Bexar County Democratic Party

For more information to to schedule a speaking engagement contact or (210) 790-7979.

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